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WPVic STP Update - Trials and Training Schedule

We are excited to be announcing our Trials and Training schedule for STP21.22 Program!

Due to pool availability and density quotas and COVID-19 regulations we will be splitting the training and trials per age group over two locations; MSAC and Oak Park Sports and Aquatic Centre. Oak Park Sports and Aquatic Centre Address: 563a Pascoe Vale Rd, Pascoe Vale VIC 3044 These times for the trials are also the schedule for training, we wanted to be able to make it as streamline and consistent as possible.

Trials and Training are following the schedule as discussed at the information session and the Fact Sheet;

20&U age groups please note that we are in discussion with the possibility of including your trainings in conjunction with AWL team training, we will update you when we have everything confirmed. As discussed at the information session we will have a 100% commitment to trials and training for STP to ensure safety, readiness and performance ability. If you require an exemption you need to email myself and David; We will review each on a case by case basis and under exceptional circumstances we will approve an exemption. As discussed a minimum of 3 days notice is required. To ensure all athletes are prepared I will be releasing this afternoon some dryland training sessions prepared by Peter G to help get your bodies ready to get back in the pool. Please take the time to do these and as always if something doesn't feel right stop. I want to thank everyone again for their patience and understanding as we navigate this constantly evolving situation! We really appreciate it.

We can't wait to see you poolside soon!


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