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Life Members

WPV wishes to recognise all Life Members for their hard work, dedication and passion placed into the sport of Water Polo. Below is a full list of all Water Polo Victoria Life Members.

WPV Life Member Criteria

Life Membership of Water Polo Victoria (WPV) is the highest award available to recognise the exceptional contribution of individuals to the sport of water polo. It is therefore only awarded in exceptional circumstances. For clarity, Life Membership is conferred by a special majority of a General Meeting on the recommendation of the Board of WPV, provided a nomination is submitted in writing and signed by at least three individual members belonging to at least three different member clubs, upon any person who has been deemed by those nominating to have rendered outstanding service to the sport of water polo. The nomination should be prepared so as to set out the achievements and activities of the nominee and at a minimum must meet the award criteria set out in the matrix attached and include other details of exemplary service.

The Board of WPV will use the below matrix to guide their decision to assess and endorse a nomination for Life Membership. It should be noted that achieving the minimum service levels will not in any way automatically guarantee the endorsement of a Life Membership nomination. The Board of WPV hopes the attached matrix will assist clubs to nominate exceptional individuals and strongly encourages clubs to nominate individuals for Life Membership of WPV.

General considerations

  • Must substantively relate to service to the association rather than an individual club.

  • Should have at least three categories (i.e Board Member, Referee etc)

  • Should have at least 15 points

  • Half points if paid role (this should focus on volunteer rather than paid roles)

Retraction of a Life Membership may occur where the recipient has conducted him/herself in a manner that reflects directly and adversely on the image or activities of water polo. This provision will only be exercised in exceptional circumstances.

Should you have any questions please contact the Executive Officer on

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