State Championships Finals Fixtures

DRAFT fixtures for the 2018 State Championships Finals Series in Nov-Dec have been released

  • Sat 24-Nov Major Semis (1v2)

  • Tues 27-Nov Minor Semis (3v4)

  • Thurs 29-Nov Prelims

  • Sat 1-Dec Grand Finals

Please note the following exceptions…..

  • MSL1-2

  • will play separate finals

  • MSL1 - Prelim Final on Tues 27-Nov - Grand Final on 1-Dec

  • MSL2 - will play “usual” finals series

  • YthB A+B

  • will play separate finals

  • YthB-A - Prelim Final on Tues 27-Nov - Grand Final on Sat 1-Dec

  • YthB-B - will play “usual” finals series

  • MSL7

  • both Semi Finals on Sat 24-Nov at Melb High

  • Prelim Final on Thurs 29-Nov at MSAC

  • Grand Final on Sat 1-Dec


All Finals game times/dates are subject to confirmation depending on which teams play across all grades