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BioRevive Support will head to Clubs

Now that the season is underway and our teams are settled, as part of their registration, clubs will receive their allocation of health products from the partnership with BioRevive.

The U15s and U17s State athletes were provided with both the DryEars Swimmer’s Ear Prevention Spray and TearsAgain Dry Eye Relief Spray at their recent National Tournaments and had positive experiences with the products.

Feedback from the athletes included;


“I always seem to get blocked ears when swimming which makes it hard for multiple games, using dry ears after each game kept me focused on playing which was great.”

“I liked using it as you didn't have to tilt your head like other drops.”


“My eyes normally are irritating by day 3 of these tournaments however the spray ensured I was comfortable even heading into the final day.”

“I didn't use the spray until late in the week as I normally don't get sore eyes, but as this was a longer tournament I was in the pool more than usual and they were getting sore. I found the spray to be soothing.”

With our U19s State Teams also receiving the products before their tournament as part of the partnership we can't wait to hear the feedback from them as well as clubs over the coming months.

If you wish to purchase any products from the BioRevive range, they can be found at your local Pharmacy or visit the website for more information

As with any product always read the label and follow the directions for use


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