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Women have been involved in Australian water polo since day one and have been playing the game in Victoria since 1886. Despite the longstanding involvement of Victorian women in the game, WPV is experiencing an under-representation of female participants in all areas including athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers. To assist with increasing female participation both in and out of the water, WPV aims to create a working group known as Water Polo Women or WOPOW (wopo being shorthand for water polo).


WOPOW aims to:

Be an integral part of the Victorian water polo community by providing support, expertise and energy for women's water polo across the state.

  • Assist all female members to get to know the community and become involved, while also raising funds for additional projects, equipment and facilities to benefit women's water polo.

  • Host a diverse range of social, educational and fundraising activities.

  • Be inclusive of all members of the Victorian water polo community in activities which serve as a focal point for members and help strengthen our community and women's water polo.


The purpose of WOPOW is to:

  • Encourage and foster the involvement of women in all facets of water polo in Victoria.

  • Raise the profile and promote the achievements of women in water polo.

  • Raise money for women's water polo in Victoria.

  • To build a network of Women WPV members to promote WPV.

  • To create and enhance opportunities to network and build friendships.

  • To provide support to groups using water polo to improve the confidence and skills of women and girls.

Working group

The WOPOW working group will consist up to eight core positions in addition to one WPV staff representative.  Positions will be held for a minimum of two years or as negotiated. Roles include:

  • Chair

  • Deputy Chair

  • Secretary (WPV Staff Representative)

  • Treasurer

  • General Member x 5


If you are interested in more information feel free to email at


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