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2019 WPV Winter Competition Update

2019 WPV Winter Competition

The Team entry form and competition details for the 2019 WPV Winter Competition are attached for your immediate attention.

Commences: Tuesday 23 April

Entries Close: Friday 8 March

Player Selections: TBA

Age Groups:

  • Junior Men & Women (Born 2000, B2001, B2002)

  • Youth Boys & Girls (Born 2002, B2003, B2004)

  • Players outside these age ranges will need to submit the Age Eligibility Exemption Form to the competitions officer:


MSAC: 6:30pm start, all nights.

  • Melbourne High: 7.10pm/7:40pm, all nights.


  • Thursday 25 April games moved to Saturday 19 May.

Finals Series:

  • Grand Finals: Tuesday 18 June , Wednesday 19 June , Thursday 20 June, Top 2 teams only.

FINA Rules:

  • New FINA rules. Applies to all grades.

  • Trial games on Tuesday 2 April, Wednesday 3 April, Thursday 4 April.


  • Refer to entry form.

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