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Respect Women: ‘Call It Out’ 16 Days initiative

Water Polo Victoria is proud to stand with Respect Victoria and Sport and Recreation Victoria in their Respect Women Initiative to call out sexism, sexual harassment and disrespect towards women.

'Call It Out' runs for 16 days starting on the 25th of November and ending on the 10th of December.

It all kicks off with a walk in solidarity and support of Women, if you are interested in getting involved sign up through this link.

As Water Polo Victoria and the support of our community we can foster respect, a safe space and a positive environment for women of all walks of life.

Respect is striving for equality on and off the field!

Here are some ways that we can call our sexism on and off the field:

  1. Call out sexist jokes and comments

  2. Call out the language you use, particularly in front of the kids

  3. Call out stereotypes – Gender stereotypes harm all of us

  4. Call out discrimination or inaction

If you want to know more Respect Victoria has put together an amazing tool kit.

We want to create a safe environment for all our players and community. Do your part to help us foster this. Stay safe and see you poolside soon!


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