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Statement to Water Polo Community


Following the withdrawal of the Victorian Seals National League Water Polo Club (Victorian Seals), the Victorian Seals and Water Polo Victoria (WPV) raised concerns with the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) regarding the termination of the licence agreement between Water Polo Australia (WPA) and the Victorian Seals.

This statement is to inform the water polo community that WPA, the Victorian Seals and WPV have resolved this dispute amicably, which included the following:

1. Appreciation from both sides as to the challenges in the process which led to the cancellation of the Vic Seals NWPL licence;

2. Learnings from this instance have assisted in guiding any future disputes involving WPA and AWL clubs including the need for direct and open communication between the parties to that dispute;

3. Resolution for all parties to work in an open and transparent manner and commit to positive unified behaviours to enhance the delivery of water polo in Victoria.

WPV and WPA are jointly committed to working together to build upon development pathways in Victoria.

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