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Competitions in Revolutionise

After almost 15 years use by WPV, SportsTG / SportingPulse was shutdown last Friday by Water Polo Australia.

From Monday 17-September, all WPV competitions will now be posted in WP Australia’s new digital platform Revolutionise.

Current 2018 State Championships fixtures, results and ladders have been imported and are now up-to-date in the new platform as at Rnd-9

  • Note there is no competitions history in Revolutionise

Fixtures, results and ladders are displayed differently on the Revolutionise website to what members have seen in the past

Some changes to note….

  • Results

  • scores for forfeits or forced losses are shown as 0 – 0

  • losing team will have FF or FL superscript

  • ladder goal tallies are calculated as 8 - 0

  • Ladders

  • total games = Played + BYEs (6th column – not changeable)

  • forfeits given = Forfeits (forfeits received no longer shown)

  • total games lost = Losses + Forfeits

  • Finals Fixtures

  • not yet uploaded

  • Player stats

  • at this stage only minimal games stats have been entered – a work-in-progress

  • Navigation

  • the browser back arrow is required for most navigation between pages

Members can access Revolutionise via the Competition link on WPV's website home page

Click here to access now

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