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Vic Vets Water Polo

Water Polo Victoria (WPV) has been working towards introducing a social master's competition weekly.

This used to be known as the "Vic Vets" that traditionally played on Sundays at the Hawthorn pool prior to its redevelopment. Vic Vets then moved to Oakleigh pool and Melbourne High for a short period of time and subsequently disbanded.

WPV has now been able to secure the MSAC outdoor pool from 11:00am to 12:00pm on Sundays with which it proposes to reintroduce the Vic Vets program.

WPV is seeking to commence a trial period to see how viable this program may be. Accordingly, we would appreciate Clubs contacting their members about this opportunity. Players to be targeted should be SL3 or below.

Traditionally the regular members who attended Vic Vets had a self-sustaining program in which pool bookings, teams and referees were organised by themselves.

WPV is willing to assist in a pilot project so that the program can recommence with the eventual view to hand the organisation over to a voluntary committee - should the program become viable.

Accordingly, WPV proposes that the first session take place on Sunday 21st May 2023. In order for WPV to prepare for this, could you please distribute this email to your members to complete the WPV Vic Vets EOI (Click Here). Expressions of interest will close 5.00pm Monday 15th May so that WPV can determine how the program might commence.

3 sessions available prior to the end of Term 2.




5 sessions available when Term 3 starts (if we receive a positive take up from the first 3 sessions).






If you have any questions in relation to the above, please let us know


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