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Victorian National League Club - Community Support Survey

In response to feedback from Clubs and members, WPVic has established a HP Advisory Panel to explore opportunities to develop and re-establish pathways programs. A primary focus has been to explore the opportunity to enter teams into the Australian Water Polo National League (AWPL) competition.

The HPAP has been working on preparing a license application for a viable and sustainable Community-based National League Club to enter the 2022-2025 seasons. The success of this endeavor will be dependent upon the support of the wider Water Polo community.

Members are requested to complete the below short survey so that a better understanding of the level and type of support that may be available from the community. Submissions will close at 5pm Thursday 24 June 2021.

While final details of how the Community Club will operate are still being worked through, it is intended to hold an information session for the WPVic community as soon as practical to clarify any questions people may have.

WPVic appreciates your support to establish a strong pathway opportunity for Victorians to compete at the highest national level.


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