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Please note the following new directive FINA has issued to referees

New replacement hand signal for permitting a shot after a free throw outside 6m

  1. Up until now, referees have been pointing “inside” or “outside” 6m to help players know if they are permitted to shoot after a free throw

  2. The new FINA rules stipulate a change to this protocol

  3. From now in this situation, the referee at the 6m cone will now raise their arm straight up ONLY when the ball and the player are on or outside the 6m cone when the free is given

  4. The other referee is encouraged to also signal as this will help alert all players

  5. If either the ball or player is inside the 6m cone, then the signal is NOT given

  6. So players will know if there is NO signal, then a shot is not going to be permitted

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