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2019/20 Sub-Junior Fixtures - to 1-December

Updated fixtures thru til the December Xmas break have been released

Following recent team changes, updated fixtures have been released starting back at round 1 to reflect those team changes

Results of games played in rounds to date have been carried forward - except for Monash Sea Lions in 14 Boys-B

The changes are.............

  • 14 Boys-A

  • Monash Sea Lions now included - so now 5 teams and byes

  • byes allocated to Monash Sea Lions for all the earlier rounds

  • game results for other teams carried forward - all will have byes going forward

  • 14 Boys-B

  • Monash Sea Lions replaced by Essendon Black Ratz

  • rounds 1&2 results for Geelong Marlins, DVE Grunters & Richmond Cubs vs Monash Sea Lions have been discarded

  • results for these teams vs Essendon Black Ratz in rounds 6, 7, 8 will also count as results for rounds 1&2

  • 12 Mixed

  • new team Northcote Comets added

  • Comets will start from 17-Nov in Geelong but will play less games thru the season

  • previous game results for all other teams will remain

  • no more byes

  • 14 Girls

  • no change

Click here to download fixtures for all grades

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