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Coach-Swap and Dryland Training!

The VicSports Associations have gotten together to collaborate and create an initiative to get our members moving again! We are doing a coach-swap! Clubs and teams have sent in dryland training programs for members to do at home and away from a screen!

Starting off we have two training programs for you to kickstart your week with! Remember when exercising to train within your limits, keep hydrated and if anything hurts stop exercising!

Melbourne Surge Water Polo and Swimming Victoria have put together little training programs for you to do! Download the PDF's below!

Download • 12.02MB
MelbSurgeTrainingProgram - Water polo
Download PDF • 122KB

Swimming Victoria have also created this great image to help you if you want to get out in the open water and swim! Give them a go and get moving again and we can't wait to see you poolside soon!


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